Empowering better decisions

We give you the knowledge, tools and flexibility you need to better serve your guests and your business

We give you the ability to choose from a simplified range of verified products - satisfying every need, all in one place

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The Owner Lifecycle

Building a hotel - and keeping it running - is a complicated business, with countless areas that need constant attention.

IHG Procurement exists to empower owners to make better decisions, so everything purchased for a hotel is the best it can be. After all, hotel owners have better things to do than worry about every point on a supply chain that brings each new item to every single part of their hotel.

That’s our job.

We’re here to take care of everything: transparently, efficiently and economically. And, we do it collaboratively, with suppliers who strive to not just do no harm, but to do good.

We do this by offering the knowledge, tools and flexibility that stakeholders need. We get it right by sticking to our set of principles.

By understanding how we operate, together we’ll make life easier and achieve something special.

Corporate Procurement

As one of the world’s leading hospitality companies, IHG is keen to work with suppliers that understand our needs across a variety of areas. We seek opportunities to work closely with suppliers able to support our strategic objectives while driving collaboration, efficiency, and innovation in critical areas of our business. IHG targets forward thinking Suppliers who are leaders in their fields for existing and future opportunities to support our business.

IHG values working with companies on global, regional, and local levels in a variety of areas. We’ve broadly segmented our corporate needs across the following categories:

  • Marketing: Advertising, Media, PR, Fulfillment, Print, Research, Events, Sponsorships
  • Misc. Corporate: Legal, Consultancy, Human Resources and Travel
  • Global Technology: Hardware, Software and Services

IHG is committed to responsible procurement and actively looks to work with companies that share our values. We look forward to working with companies that are uniquely positioned to meet our evolving needs.

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